MEDIBLINK Ultrasonic Portable Mosquito Repeller M001

Intention of use: The portable mosquito repellent uses ultrasonic frequency and audible low-frequency sonic waves that irritate and drive most mosquitoes away.

The device combines 3 modes (3-in-1), and emits multi-frequency waves to prevent mosquitoes from developing immunity to the mosquito repellent:
1. Mosquito mode: The device emits an ultrasonic wave that imitates the sound of male mosquitoes to drive away female mosquitoes that bite people.
2. Dragonfly mode: The device imitates the sound of flapping wings of the dragonfly, a natural enemy of mosquitoes, to scare the mosquitoes away.
3. Mosquito + Dragonfly mode: Combines the above two functions, which are changing periodically.

The device can be used at home or when travelling, running, hiking, camping, fishing, etc. It can also be used with babies. It is safe for human and pets, as it does not contain any harmful chemicals or toxic solvents.

Effective range: 30 m2. 2 pcs of 1.5V AAA batteries included. 5 years warranty.

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Ulteriori informazioni

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