MEDIBLINK Nasal Aspirator 2-in-1 M400

Mediblink nasal aspirator enables the quick, efficient, simple and safe removal of mucus from the nose in babies and children. It is unique because it can be used by mouth or a vacuum device. Two soft silicone nasal adapters make it gentle and completely safe to use. Nasal adapters are of different sizes, which increases flexibility and improves product performance. The aspirator enables simple cleaning as it can be disassembled in 8 parts. Its transparent design allows product operation monitoring during use, and its ergonomic design allows for easy handling. Does not contain BPA.
  • Baby 0+
  • 2v1
  • Belmet

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18,98 €
Descrizione prodotto
  • Unique: it can be used by mouth or a vacuum device
  • Gentle and safe: it contains two nasal adapters made from soft silicone
  • Flexible: it contains nasal attachments in two sizes
  • Easy to clean: it can be disassembled in 8 parts
  • Transparent: immediate efficiency visible
  • Ergonomic design: easy handling
  • Efficient: it removes mucus from the nose in a few seconds
  • Does not contain BPA

Mediblink M400      

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Ulteriori informazioni

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