MEDIBLINK Non-Contact Thermometer 6in1 M320

The thermometer offers both a handy design and is safe and easy to use. It takes a non-contact measurement in just one second at a distance between of 0.5 and 3 cm from the forehead/object. It offers a precise measurement of the body temperature on the forehead (34°C ~ 43°C), and the object/surface/liquid/ambient temperature (0°C ~ 100°C). In case of a high body temperature (above 38°C), the thermometer emits an acoustic, visual (red LED light) warning and a frowning Emoji  will be presented on the LCD screen. If the temperature is below 38°C, a smiling Emoji  will be presented on the LCD screen. The thermometer has a silent/night mode; a large LCD screen, storage of the last 30 measurements, empty battery indicator, automatic shutdown function and ability to switch between °C and °F. Two 1.5V AAA batteries are enclosed. The warranty period is five years.

Disponibilità: Disponibile

43,99 €
Descrizione prodotto
  • Measuring Human Body
  • Measuring Liquid & Object
  • Measuring Air Temperature
  • Silent Mode Option
  • Visual & Audio Fever Indicator
  • One-second Reading
  • 30 Memories
  • Large LCD
  • Backlight
Ulteriori informazioni
Ulteriori informazioni

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